Leadership Courses That Inspire People To Achieve Dynamic Results


The “Leader Mindset” Formula for Leadership Development is Simple

The role of the Leader is to inspire team members to believe that they are in a space where they can make best use of their talents and abilities and where what they do will be valued and appreciated. We refer to this as Intrinsic Motivation (motivation from within). You will master the art of intrinsic motivation by working through the 8 leader mindsets common to all high achieving business leaders.

“A massive thank you for the work you have done with me thus far. We are still growing at a phenomenal rate. THANK YOU.” Jamie Smith-Thompson, MD, Portal Financial (UK)

Inspirational Leadership Behaviour:

  1. Turn dry business objectives into inspiring visions that enthuse people to work energetically to transform those visions into reality.
  2. Create a synergistic working environment in which people feel free to take responsibility, demonstrate their abilities and excel.
  3. Enable key team members to uncover their signature abilities and excite them about the possibilities of capitalising on those abilities.
  4. Set an example by broadcasting positive belief in the envisioned outcomes.

“Thanks for delivering an excellent 2 day leadership workshop this week. Your insights are in valuable and I know that many of the learning points will be invaluable to me. I appreciate the book too which will be read in short order.” Neil Argent, Director of Security and Compliance | Global Technology, RBI

You Can When You Believe You Can

The focus of our Leadership Courses and our Leadership Coaching is on the use of NLP, positive psychology and proven leadership behaviours. Leaders who work with us master the art of creating inspired, positive, enthusiastic teams and increasing productivity. They develop the ability to create synergy in their teams and spread positivity in the organisation around them.

“As a senior manager, communication is integral to my personal and commercial success. David’s coaching has developed and fine-tuned my communication skills to give me confidence in small or large groups, from hosting large team meetings to delivering international board presentations.”

Tom Van Aardt, Product Realisation Director for Payments and Financial Counterparties, Bankers Acuity (USA)

On our Inspirational Leadership Development Courses or Coaching Sessions
you will master the thinking, feeling and behaving like an inspirational leader.

“I have noticed I am a lot more positive at work, I am eager to help assist my team when needed and make sure they are encouraged/motivated. I feel happier at work and more determined as a leader. I have also  noticed my team are happy and motivated. There have even been comments made by them saying how lovely the atmosphere is. I think these are all benefits I gained from doing the Inspirational Leadership course.  Emma Priestly, Finance Team Leader (UK)

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